Grahak Bharati – Municipal Corporation / Committee

मई 2003 से पानी और सीवरेज के बिलो मै ली गई अतिरिक्त राशि रिफ़न्ड करने या अगले बिलो मै अडजस्ट करने के हाइकोर्ट
ने आदेश दिये ।
Implementation of Decision dated : 03.09.2008 of Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh regarding water and Sewerage bill reduced from Rs.105/- to Rs.50/- (adjustment made already paid access) by
Municipal Council Bhuchu Distt Bathinda

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Street Light Maintenance : –

You should complain giving Pole numbers written on every Street / Road
pole in Municipal Corporation / Committee to maintain Street/road Light
points (i.e. Tubes, Bulbs, High Mast/Flood Light, Mercury Bulbs, dust in
cover of lights) or is able to replace the defective points/feeding
lines within 48 hours by the contractor. Otherwise the penalty @Rupees
50/= per day or as per contract can be imposed on contractor after 48

If problem still persists, then complain in writing again to
Commissioner / Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation / Committee
and receive the diary number of your complain from Municipal Corporation
/ Committee.

With your noble efforts, ultimately your street lights will be working.
If you still face the problem then you should demand the position of
lighting system under the Right to Information Act, 2005 and contact us
how to receive this information through RTI act, 2005 from the concerned
Download the required Performa from our website in the Left Panel.


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