Grahak Bharati – Quick LPG Booking / Supply/ Complaint

Grahak Bharati – Quick LPG Booking / Supply/ Complaint

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (Order) New Delhi 26th April 2000
Control Order 2000 for Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG)
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  • Order to Display at ALL LPG DISTRIBUTORS in THE STATE OF PUNJAB as No time bound Limit of 21 days for Booking the Refill
    Click here to view Order Copy Click here.
  • Hon’ble Court i.e. DCF- Mukatsar also decided on dated 10-03-2009 that booking of LPG cylinder should be done without any restriction of 21 days after last refill/delivery in complaint case of Raj Pal Sharma.
  • No Shortage of LPG as per Sh. Murli Devara (Petroleum Minister)
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  • Penalty imposed Rs.2000/- on Gas Agency Due to late Delivery  Click here
  • After Booking Delivery on Next Day in Mumbai Click here (Danik Bhaskar)
  • To Control malpractices by Gas Agency then Consumer can ask for list of consumers held
    by LPG Distributors 
    Click here 1 or Click here 2
  • As per District Consumer Court Nagaur Rajasthan,
    In case of Loss of Blue/Red Book (Gas Connection Diary),
    Consumer can apply on a Plain Paper (without Any Affidavit) Along with Identity Proof
    Charges for a new Book are Rs. 25/- as on dated : 09.March.2009
Four Ways to Complaint – LPG GAS AGENCY
1) Write your complaint in Complaint Book Placed with in gas Agency
2) Send SMS to sales officer of petroleum company (Mobile no. Available with gas Agency)
3) Give Written complaint to District Food & Supply controller and get receipt of the same
4) Complaint on web sites. Given Below
Online Booking/Complaint of LPG refill as Below : –

HP -Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

For booking Complaint & New Connection Click here

Bharat Gas – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited- For Suggestion, Query, Complaint Click here

For LPG Refill Booking (Register / Sign Up and login and Book online refill) Click here

Indane – Indian Oil Corporation Limited not Providing Online Booking of LPG Refill

You can lodge your Suggestions/Query.
If You want Complaint of any Indane dealer then :
For LPG Queries : Click here
For Suggestions & FeedBack Click here
IOCL Officer’s name, contact number & email addresses Click Here (Source Punjab Kesari)
Toll Free No : Click Here

There is No Shortage / Delay of  LPG,
Newspaper Ad from ONGC Ministry – Govt. Of India
Click Here To View
There is No Time Bound Limit for LPG Booking Refill from last Refill.
Means : Consumer can Book LPG Refill at Any Time as per his demand after last Refill
1. Information given by Indian Oil Click Here To View (Delivery with in 48 Hours & 15Km Radius.)
(1 of 12 Document for Renewal/Verification of his gas connection Click Here To View)

2. Information given by Bharat Petroleum  Click Here To View

(After booking Home-Delivery within 24 hours Bharat Petroleum (Timing 8am to 8pm, Sunday Open)
 See Point 1 Click to See)

3. Information given by Hindustan Petroleum (Timing 8am to 8 pm). Click Here To View
Delivery with in 24 Hours

Consumer is having right to check the weight of goods purchase from any retailer. All Retailers who are covered under VAT or TOT shall maintain a Electronic Weighing machine, Rule 23A of Standards of Weights & Measures
(Packaged Commodities) Click Here To View
Gas Agency will be Cancelled if found Guilty Three times in two years
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Outdated / Expired /cylinder Condom Cylinder/Not Useable
More Risk to Blast


The Outdated Cylinder means Expiry of Empty / Filled which specification is given below :
There are two types Alpha & Numeric letters printed on cylinder inside one of the vertical
supporting three plates, Which means as under :
A means First quarter of the year i.e. 1 Jan to 31 March.
B means Second quarter of the year i.e. 1 Apr to 30 June.
C means Third quarter of the year i.e. 1 July to 30 September.
D means Fourth quarter of the year i.e. 1 October to 31 December.After Alpha Number (A,B, C, D) Numeric Number like (09,10,11..) Char means The year of Expiry.
For Example :
09 = 2009
10 = 2010
11 = 2011
For Clarification there is practical examples
as under for cylinder A.11

A means First quarter of the year i.e. 1 Jan to 31 March.
11 means Expiry of Cylinder on 2011
That Means
this Cylinder (Bottle) Expired on 31.March.2011

Another examples as under for cylinder C.13

C means Third quarter of the year i.e. 1 July to 30 September.
13 means Expiry of Cylinder on 2013
That Means
this Cylinder (Bottle) Expired on 30.September.2013


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