• Always insist for receipt, warranty and guaranty cards etc. at the time of purchase.

• Check the manufacturing and expiry date of the product.

• Check the MRP printed on the product. Pasted slip may not be the correct price. MRP is the maximum retail price and you may bargain on the price.

• Check the brand name, name of the manufacturing company which must tally with the booklet provided.

• In case of some prize schemes advertised in the paper or any assurance of trainings with job, keep the advertisement clippings for record.

• Read the terms &conditions printed overleaf or in the prospectus or on the receipt or on proposal form for any purpose (subscribing for credit card ATM card, insurance cover Medi-claim policy etc.) before putting the signature on it as such signatures will have binding force on you whatever unreasonable the clause it may be. However, any condition which is illegal before the eyes of law is not binding on any one .For example an agreement to fraud on any one is an illegal clause hence not binding.

• Do not sign any blank form blindly. Retain a photocopy of filled up form duly signed.

• Always obtain receipt for any payment made.

• Check the electrical goods at the shop itself before making purchase, as no replacement or assurance is generally given for electrical goods like tube light, bulbs etc.

• Check the instructions and ingredient printed on the eatable packets before consumption.

• Never use any medicine without a prescription from the doctor.


• Your telephone can not remain dead for more than three working days. The companies otherwise are required to credit your bill with rental rebate as a penalty (e.g. if connection remain dead for more than 3 days, rebate has to be given for 7days rental)

• The amount of security is required to be refunded within 60 days otherwise companies will have to pay you interest @10 .p.a for delays beyond 60 days.

• The new connection is required to be activated within 7days.A abridged version of manual containing required contact details of the service provider and benchmark for quality of services should be demanded free of cost at the time of getting the connection.

• Please pay all the bills before due date of payment mentioned in the bill.

• The companies on their own can not activate any service which is on chargeable basis.

• Any plan subscribed by the customer is to be available for a minimum period of six months or till the validity of the plan e.g. life time schemes etc. The customer can change plan at any time of his choice.

• The connection is to be disconnected by the service provider within 24 hrs. of the request by the customer.

• In case, you do not wish to get disturb from unsolicited communication, please register your details with Do Not Call Registry of your service provider.

• Please don’t become a victim of wrong promises offered by selling agents. Subscribe to the services only after getting the scheme in writing.

• In case of lodging any complaint against your company, please do not forget to ask for the unique complaint number as the same is mandatory for companies to provide.

• The hierarchy of the complaint handling system in telecom has been structured as i) 24×7 Toll Free Call Centre, ii) Nodal Officer and iii) Appellate Authorities.

Electrical Products

• Insist on buying standard products- ISI marked wherever applicable.

• Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has commenced star marking of electrical equipment commonly used. Buy the products as per star marking.

• Avoid procuring sub-standard electrical products.

• Check the manufacturer’s seal before purchase.

• Insist Guarantee/warranty card.

• Get the electrical equipment operated before purchase.

Electricity Service Provider

• Please check all terms and conditions before entering into contract.

• Enquire the details of penalty clauses on both consumer and service provider for deficiencies.

• Pay the bills before pay by date to avoid levy of penalty.

• Keep all the paid bills in safe custody.

• Keep all the important telephone numbers relating to no-supply, break-down, meter problems, excess billing, corruption and harassment etc?


• Your Money order should reach to the Metro cities within 4 days and other remote places within 6 days.

• Registered letter, Parcels are reachable within 4 days

• Speed Post must reach next working day.

• The consignment dispatched by you could be traced by putting your receipt ED No. through India Post Website

National Consumer Helpline1800-11-4000


• Ensure that the tour or Resort operators are the member of IATO.

• Deficiency in service by the Tour Operators can be lodged with IATO. Mail –


• Book your ticket either through Authorized agent, Airlines Web, or through direct outlet because it will help to get refund easily.

• Please know that your domestic LCC carrier will never refund you in case you cancel your ticket but you have the opportunity to reschedule your date of journey (intimate well before the departure of Flight)

• If your baggage is missing, don’t forget to take Property Investigation Report at the destination point to get compensation.


• If you fail to cancel your reserved ticket in the specified time period, you must collect TDR (Ticket Disposal Report) by surrendering your ticket to the journey commencing station and apply to the Zonal Chief Commercial Manager with the original copy of TDR for refund. .

• Loss of Luggage or any theft during the travel you lodge your complaint with the TTE and receive a copy of the complaint. You need not to discontinue your Journey.


• Choose the Institution (school, college, private institution) after proper verification and check past records.

• Physically verify the teaching and other facilities available.

• Always prefer Registered and Govt. sponsored institutions.

• In case private Institutions; collect the details of Management Team and their responsibilities.

• Understand the Fee details clearly, before payment.

• Always insist on receipts for all payments.

• Make payments in installments.

• Collect information on settlement of disputes / cases.

• Collect information of the controlling Authorities of the institution.

• In case of claims as ‘Registered Institutions’, verification from the concerned Department is essential.

1. Always keep the helpline number/fax number/address details of the bank.

2. Keep the card in safe custody.

3. Conduct ATM transactions secretly. The secret PIN code should be remembered and may be changed at intervals.

4. If your card is swallowed then immediately inform the bank.

5. Check machine for signs of tampering.

6. Do not forget to take your credit/ATM card out of the machine after completing the transaction.

7. If you find suspicious looking people around you, use another ATM.

8. Do not disclose your ATM pin number to anyone, or even write it anywhere.

9. Do not hand over card to anyone.

10. Do not accept help from strangers for doing any transactions.

11. Banks are to provide to the individual customers upfront and in a timely manner, complete information on the charges

applicable for all basic services.

12. Please mention account number, name and contact no. on the back side of the cheque before depositing with Bank.

• Banks have to provide advance information to the individual customers about the proposed changes in the service charges.

• Banks are to collect only notified service charges from the customers.

• Banks should inform the customers in an appropriate manner recovery of service charges from the account or the transaction.

• The cheques of the local clearing are to be credited to Customer’s account within 3 days.

To seek more details and guidance on consumer problems, Contact :
National Consumer Helpline (Working Days, 09.30 AM- 05.30 PM )
(National Toll Free MTNL/BSNL)
011-27662955-58 (Normal Call Charges)

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